Song of the Week: “Dashti” by Mortazā Mahjubi

There was an especially sunny day in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, after hard rains, and I went for a vitamin D walk in my favorite graveyard, because you can walk in a straight line with your eyes closed and not have to worry about bumping into people or getting hit by cars. So I walked the rows toward the sun with my eyelids lit up in cinematic red and listened to some Schubert. I think I’m starting to get Schubert…and this is more good piano music. It’s a track from an anthology called Persian Piano 1, performed by Mortazā Mahjubi. I’m not sure who composed it; I would really like to know that. Thelonius Monk would have really liked it. Maybe he did. Anyway, this track sounds like a narrative of interruption, and feels like a texture of distraction, which means (a) it’s right & good to post it back onto the Internet and (b) paradoxically keeps my mind focused and free (what my painter friends call good studio music).

-Broc Rossell

Broc Rossell is from California. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he teaches philosophy, literature, and poetry writing at Simon Fraser University.

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