Song of the Week: “Digital” by Joy Division

I do not listen to new music. Behind a young woman on our way to work, black blouse and pencil skirt, and above the back of both knees is tattooed DAY IN on left knee and DAY OUT on right. Her strides imitate the staccato chorus of “Digital,” in idea more than effect, and I thought about it again on the subway home of an otherwise okay day at the office in this awful season. The live version from Les Bains Douches: 18 December 1979. The chorus is so appropriate now, but it takes me to 2003, in the East Village, watching with a friend 24 Hour Party People, a movie I got everyone to watch that year. I got him into Joy Division, and we watched the movie and got smashed with a case of Bud Lite like normal. But I like how in 24 Hour Party People it’s a beginning.

-Dan Magers

Dan Magers’s first book of poems, Partyknife, will be published in Spring 2012 by Birds, LLC. He is co-founder and co-editor of Sink Review, an online poetry journal as well as founder and editor of Immaculate Disciples Press, a handmade chapbook press focused on poetry and visual arts collaborations. He lives in Brooklyn.

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