Song of the Week: “Dog Days are Over” by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” is a wake up call for anyone willing to get out of the dog house. I feel writing can make one self-absorbed & fearful of interaction with the world, but the main phrase in the song, “you better run,” is a boost of energy from a normal state of affairs. The wordplay is very unique. It asks what words are colliding with what words. The song also makes me want to rhyme once again, or at least slant rhyme. If one is fearful and doesn’t act upon their “connections,” one experiences the dog days firsthand. “Happiness / hit her / like a bullet in the back, Struck from /a great height.” This is partly a song about opening one’s eyes and seizing one’s connections: the means and the end note.

-J. Michael Wahlgren

J. Michael Wahlgren is author of Valency (Blazevox Books, 2010) & Silent Actor
(Bewrite, 2008) & Credo, a chapbook on Greying Ghost Press. He publishes for
Gold Wake Press near Boston, MA.

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