“Fall” by all boy/all girl

all boy all girl

Listening to any part of all boy/all girl’s album Tiny Iglesia evokes the feeling of flipping through a photo album you had forgotten on a shelf for years. Each song is a miniature portrait of nostalgia, framed by themes of nature and friendship (and colorfully painted by a seven piece band including a ukulele, viola, cello, and double bass). In the song “Fall,” the strings swirl around vocals that soar and drop. They sing about memories that look perfect (“We seemed so free/When it seemed there was nothing more to be”) but can highlight an imperfect present (“Like our mothers like our fathers/Like the leaves we are wilting turning brown”) and reveal hope in the future (“Now the setting sun/Brings me life but it leaves me wanting more”). Sounds of percussion crashing in the last two minutes of the song give a literal reminder of the song’s title. You can’t help but wonder, how did they come up with this stuff?

-Emily Daly

Emily Daly is a journalism student and occasional musician from San Francisco, CA.

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