Song of the Week: “Flash Light” by Parliament

This this this is the only song this ultimate song I WANT TO DO THIS TO YOU joy every moment life could feel like swallowing snakes each swallow baby sun, lick it, drown it, burst it, kick dress gold plate it, every all whole full whole all every this heat death expressionless happiness steamroller go go cheeseburger is the fun dying and borning earth magnets gold glass and maggots move in explosions reveling revealing open this open movement beneath everything slick light beneath the door it’s hilarious you are nothing you you finally evaporation apocalypse spine rubber knees your neck hurts what spinning the fuck nothing’s exaggerated is going this end on dancefloor then the moment all here your birth the sustaining velocity before that your death without which we die.

-Sommer Browning


Sommer Browning lives in Denver. She is the author of the collection of poetry and comics, Either Way I’m Celebrating (Birds, LLC, 2011).

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