Song of the Week: “Forma 230″ by Forma

Expression at it’s core puts form to our wanting.

Occupy Wall Street, when it first got attention, announced itself as the public performance of a non-hierarchic democracy, as it would be witnessed as the occupancy played out over time. Mark Dwinell, one of the three members of the Bushwick based synthesizer band Forma, has been contributing to Occupy Wall St. since it began a month ago. As I followed Mark’s enthusiasm, the idea arrived to me that Forma’s musical process mirrors the way Occupy Wall St. is deploying it’s tactics.

Forma’s angular songs want to bend and push back. Their process is improvised, savvy, honed, open and always listening and talking back to the space, the situation.

I’ve included here Forma 230, a perfect song that lightens and lifts. It’s a song for all days with people in them, and is the kind of music that could have been included in Jean Luc Godard’s Notre Musique, in the third vignette, when he shows his view of heaven. Don’t you want that?

FORMA is Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett. Their self titled album came out last May on Spectrum Spools. For CMJ they are playing a showcase at The New Museum.

-Ben Fama

Forma – “Forma 230″ by

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