Song of the Week: “Good Dope/Good Fun” by Spiritualized

There are multiple versions of this song sometimes performed and recorded under the title “Lay Back In The Sun.”  For me “Good Dope/Good Fun” exemplifies the kind of song I like to listen to when I want to get lost in my work at work or otherwise. Models of focus.

All in all in a row over and over again until I am inside everything at work. Total background of propulsion carves out vibrant tonal qualities where the listener is free as the edges bleed new light into the operative field.  The outside kept at bay.  Landscape is implied as these bright days on earth are immersed in larger outer spaces and consequences ultimately released into the mysterious charms of the imagination.  The subject  idles  and defines  the room  for a time  formats the sky etc. churns out more en train to substance caching it all in with loving attention.

-Will Edmiston

Will Edmiston is a poet living in Brooklyn.  He is the volunteer archivist for The Poetry Project.  His chapbook entitled effie was published by 3 Sad Tigers Press in 2011.  Some new work is forthcoming in American Books: Steck Editions and Sun’s Skeleton.




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