Song of the Week: “I’ll Never Forget You” by Husker Du

I’ve never forgotten Husker Du’s “I’ll Never Forget You,” when Bob Mould’s vocals ripped the title lyric eight times through vinyl fabric and into my bloodstream.  Like everyone else I loved hardcore, but this song was about emotion unleashed—both anger at a friend’s betrayal and agonizing remorse at the friendship’s loss.  Looking at the lyrics by themselves over the past couple of days, I’ve come to believe the song was written about revenge, but performed as a heart-wrenching loss, in which we listeners know that Mould (or we) will, of course, forget—at least everything other than the snapshot of the song itself, which is punctuated in the end by a cataclysmic rocket of a guitar solo.  Ok, the song might come across as a little narcissistic today, but it’s an unbelievably raw, crashing expression of anger, terror, and hurt.  What’s not to like about that?

-Bruce Covey

Bruce Covey‘s fifth book of poetry, Reveal, will be published by Bitter Cherry Books at the beginning of 2012; his next-most-recent titles are Glass Is Really a Liquid (No Tell Books, 2010) and Elapsing Speedway Organism (No Tell, 2006).  He lives in Atlanta, GA, where he edits Coconut Poetry, teaches at Emory University, and curates the What’s New in Poetry Reading Series.

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