Song of the Week: “In a Free Land” by Husker Du

Clocking in at approximately 2 minutes and 50 seconds, Bob’s guitar into Greg’s bass into Grant’s drums: a seamless cacophony of crashes, a sonic trek. “In a Free Land” comes equipped with one chorus, one verse: its verse, twice repeated; its chorus, three times repeated; a loud, gentle guitar bridge to connect the penultimate verse to the last verse. The song’s verse interrupted kindly with the parenthetical “It don’t mean a thing;” that’s Grant H. All three voices contribute, or better yet, blend, lend. So, imagine thyself in a car, an old jalopy, it has to be a real clunker of a vehicle. Instructions: crank the volume so that the kids up the block can hear them, the Huskers. Crack the window, let the city/country air hit thy face, this is a must, a must. Plan to rewind, put the track on repeat just enough times to get you to the store for that carton of milk and back.

-Ray DeJesús

Ray DeJesús was born and raised in Brooklyn. His poetry and prose can be found in Peaches and Bats, Gobbet, Maggy, Augury Books, Pax Americana, and The Best American Poetry blog. He, along with Jeff T. Johnson and Claire Donato, produces Vampiros Documentos Presents, a video online journal.

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