Song of the Week: “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” by Roxy Music

Although newer artists like Real Estate and Arcade Fire have made their nostalgic visions of suburbia central to their songwriting, I think their musical interpretations are tame when compared to Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music’s. The sleaze and level of pure prog-rock throttle in Roxy Music is that perfect balance of pop entertainment, which makes me want to blast this song from my car while driving down the Sunset Strip or from a pair of frat boy speakers at a bad party. Ferry plays his lyrical hand perfectly in the build up to the revelation that he is in fact singing to a blow up sex-doll. Lines like “the cottage is pretty /the main house a palace / penthouse perfection / but what goes on? / what to do there? / better pray there” create this dry combustion that sticks with you. The loneliness of Ferry’s imagined “Bungalow Ranch Style” home is overwhelming and scarily, horribly, horny.

-Turner Capehart Canty

Turner Capehart Canty grew up in Montana where he earned a BA at the University of Montana in English. He now lives in Oakland, and allows time to write poetry, music, and sometimes fiction. You can find some of his poems in Fence, and the Oval magazine.

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