Song of the Week: “Jet Plane” by Papercuts

After the “Wish You Were Here” homage/ entry, the song splashes down into the aural pretense that we’re swimming through the yolk of beautifully wasted lives. Pitched on the tonal tents of harmonied AAAHHH’s and aaahhhh’s, the baseline navigates trick stairs while helium powered la-la-la’s whisp into the elsewhere. It could be snowing outside, decidedly summer, either way it’s serene, though not necessarily bliss. Listening, otherworldliness and ether materialize into ends-of-seasons, people perennially passing by, expectations incongruent with actuality, loves unrealized, sea smoke, fjords, pavement flowers, homemade spacecraft, death-beds. If part of us dies listening to this, there’s another facet, choosing spirit over mass, that continues. With dreamsmanship book-ended by impossibility, it’s susblimely less of what’s brought to song here than what’s left out—like the jet plane in the sky always going somewhere we’re not.

-Bill Rasmovicz

Bill Rasmovicz is the author of The World in Place of Itself (Alice James Books, 2007), Gross Ardor (forthcoming: 42 Miles Press, 2013) and Idiopaths (forthcoming: Brooklyn Arts Press, 2013). His poems have appeared in Hotel Amerika, Nimrod, Mid-American Review, Third Coast, Gulf Coast and other publications. A pharmacist, he has also served as a workshop co-leader and literary excursion leader throughout much of Europe. His current home is Brooklyn.

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