Song of the Week: “Just Like Zeus” by Jenny and Johnny

In ancient Greece, the poet/choirmaster Alkman wrote: “The song I sing begins with Zeus.” Back then, it was common sense and good form to invoke a god before doing anything. Recently, I was amused to see Zeus reappear in a bright, pop, folk song by Jenny and Johnny called “Just Like Zeus.” True, if I understand the lyrics correctly, it sounds rather critical of him — “Up on Mount Olympus/ living on a pile of trash.” But then again, many were often pissed at the mighty Zeus and his lifestyle of excess. I wish there were more catchy songs written about pagan gods. I wasn’t crazy about “I’m Your Venus,” originally sung by Shocking Blue, but hopefully this new tune will spark a few others. After all, there’s still Athena, Hermes, Artemis, Ares, Poseidon –- plenty of good deities left to choose from.

–Elaine Equi

Elaine Equi is the author of many books, including Ripple Effect: New & Selected Poems and Click and Clone, soon to be released from Coffee House Press. She teaches at New York University and in the MFA programs at The New School and City College.

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