Song of the Week: “Karate” by Kennedy

It was a time when we drove to the City every weekend, sometimes during the week, too. We were after escape—velocity and weightlessness, rise of the road and first glimpse of water, the City a small shimmer across the wavy body.  There was a Saturday, thick and golden, and road construction.  The curves of our other, secret route, a centrifugal force like MicroMachines. And Kennedy, a sudden flower through the speakers—an implacable bubble of joy & potential energy enveloping us as we turned up the song. The City, we knew, sent this.

Le Sage’s theory of gravitation proposes “a mechanical explanation for Newton’s gravitational force in terms of streams of tiny unseen particles (which Le Sage called ultra-mundane corpuscles).”

May this alleviate any ultra-mundane corpuscles weighting the week.

-Zayne Turner

Zayne Turner
grew up in the rural High Desert of Oregon, and graduated from the University of Oregon.  She taught middle school science in Louisiana before receiving her MFA from the University of Virginia. She is the author of the chapbook Memory of My Mouth, forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. Her poetry has appeared in places like Ancora Imparo, Poetry QuarterlyHigh Desert Journal and as a limited-edition broadside from Lettre Sauvage Press.

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