Song of the Week: “Late at Night” by Buffalo Tom

Does anyone else miss the 90s?  Maybe it’s not fair to write an ode to a song for what it represents as opposed to its innate characteristics, but how to separate a song from the emotions it triggers? Buffalo Tom peaked a bit before my high school years, but to me, everything about “Late at Night” recalls growing up—the noisiness we use to fill the unknown, the way the tempo seems to lag and resist while insisting its urgency, the repetitive and uncomplicated melody, the so-totally-90s-alt-rock guitar work, the rhyme in its almost lazily cryptic lyrics expressing earnestness and uncertainty. I hear the song and my heart fills with all the things I used to (still?) want: the boyfriend, the car, the grades, the hope to be that pretty, too-cool girl everyone likes; and everything I used to have: the bedroom with band posters on the walls, the congregating by lockers in school hallways, the note-passing in math classes, the first smoky concerts in bars, and all those late nights drinking endless pots of coffee at IHOP with friends, dissecting each minute detail of our lives, imagining every possibility for the future, and returning to the safety of home afterwards.

Plus, remember in My So-Called Life when…?

-Angela Veronica Wong


Angela Veronica Wong thinks sauropods are pretty cool because even if they had small heads, they had big hearts. Her first full-length collection of poetry how to survive a hotel fire will be available from Coconut Books in 2012. She is on the internet at

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