Song of the Week: “Light Up The Stars” by Hot Snakes

Though a west coast expat living in New York for 10+ years,  I frequently cast the net back to San Diego’s music scene circa 1993 – 2003, which to me captures both a broader turning point in post-rock/post-punk and the disaffected swagger most of us in that scene felt growing up under the relentlessly sunny skies, palm trees, and the moniker of “America’s Finest City.” This was not beach music. If any band captured that best, it’s Hot Snakes, the culminating music collaboration of John Reis, Rick Froberg, and Mario Rubalcaba – three local kids made good and now gods in the larger underground. Loud, loud guitars, a hint of surf rock, dueling screams and growls (earnest and tongue-in-cheek), fast moving beats, with a legitimate claim to the darkness we all secretly wanted. “Light Up the Stars,” says all that:  “I know that a mouthful of spit and germs/ is all I got to share with you/ but I need your love.”

-Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson‘s work has appeared in RealPoetik, Anti-, Sink Review, and Sixth Finch, among other places. He is a host and curator of the EARSHOT reading series. He lives and works in New York.

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