Song of the Week: “Love Interruption” by Jack White

Jack White is our Baudelaire. He can take a tuneful pop melody and infuse it with bile and bite—a sugared melancholy that can slash and rant and croon, while floating the hook your way till you can’t get the song out of your head. White’s “Love Interruption,” from his new solo album Blunderbuss, takes a primal three-chord structure and shares it between an acoustic guitar and electric piano. (The chorus is the same three chords played halftime.) He wants love to beat him bloody—“murder my own mother,” “Change my friends to enemies / and show me how it’s all my fault.” He does not attempt to soothe the wound so much as cauterize it: “I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me (anymore).” The song is, heartbreakingly, two voices, White’s and the gorgeous, throaty backups of Ruby Amanfu. Her in-and-out vocals haunt White like a Siren and won’t leave him alone.

-David Yezzi

David Yezzi‘s latest book of poems, Birds of the Air, is forthcoming from Carnegie Mellon in February.

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