Song of the Week: “Lucky Ones Burn” by Jucifer

My guitar sits in the basement waiting for me to be brave enough to bring it to a pawn shop. No one has yet bought it on Craig’s List despite my promotional copy that invites the potential purchaser to make my musical failure her bargain success. When I was a college student in Athens, Georgia, Jucifer hadn’t yet completely surrendered to their now nomadic ways, and Amber Gazelle Valentine was waiting tables, and she was the awesomely cool girl in giant platform shoes that I wanted to be. On stage, she can sing; and yet, wow, can she scream. And the guitar, that sludgy, metal sound that is the best antidote to any terrible day. Together, she and her husband, Edgar Livengood, are the ultimate two-person band backed by their towering wall of amps. Their shows are so loud they truly can make a beer cup topple over. I wish I could be that metal, to burn and burn in the glow of the metal sheen.

-Carrie Olivia Adams 

Carrie Olivia Adams lives in Chicago, where she is a book publicist for the University of Chicago Press and the poetry editor for Black Ocean. She is the author of Forty-One Jane Doe’s (book and companion DVD, Ahsahta 2013) and Intervening Absence (Ahsahta 2009).

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