Song of the Week: “Moby Dickless” by Cuddle Magic

I listened to this record (Info Nympho) nonstop for weeks.

Cuddle Magic play a kind of highly composed music that’s rooted in song. That’s what they play. But the name Cuddle Magic refers to a kind of alchemical unity they discovered while playing acoustic instruments very quietly and in close proximity to each other. Their name isn’t about what they play; it’s really about how they play.

The music is often syncopated, contrapuntal, and complex. The performances sound easy, simple, natural, and loose. Nothing’s precious. Nothing’s fussy.

Cuddle Magic look far past their musicality and creativity and even their songs, and use their highly developed musical chops casually, to make physically satisfying and immediate performances. The result is a surprisingly emotional music that makes me feel real feelings, every time. I love this record.

-Michael Zapruder

Michael Zapruder is an award-winning songwriter, composer, record-maker and multi-media artist, whose most recent work, Pink Thunder, is a collection of free verse pop art-songs made from the poems of more than twenty contemporary American poets. Pink Thunder has been released in hardcover book + CD format by Boston-­‐based publisher Black Ocean Books, and on 12″ vinyl by Brooklyn/San Francisco-­based The Kora Records. Zapruder’s version of the album in music‐playing art objects called Portmanteaus has shown in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC.

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