Song of the Week: “My Time” by Ann Steel

A friend showed me this video a long time ago and said, “Srsly.” I’d never heard of Ann Steel. She was a model who became very famous and then decided she was also a singer (as many dilettantish beauties are wont to pick up a paint brush or keyboard, write a poem) and some Italian guy produced a couple LP’s of her limited range.

I love the deep grandfather clock that keeps the beat throughout this song, Ann’s bourgeois lyrics (“my thoughts are still like photos in the hall of a Hilton hotel”) and the dance floor full of cheesy Montecarlo discophiles twisting, clapping and stamping in the blue screen behind her; Ann’s yippie-doodle hopping and mechanical gestures, the intermittent shots of a concealer-caked robot in bow tie— it all seems pretty fabulous. Ann loves her time: the rhythm, her life, the era, her fifteen minutes. I loved writing this.

-Camilo Roldán

Camilo Roldán is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn, NY. He co-curates the Triptych Reading Series and is the author of a chapbook of translations, Amílkar U., Nadaísta in Translation (These Signals Press 2011). His poems have appeared in various journals, including SET, La Fovea, Lungfull!, and PANK.

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