“Orphans” by Teenage Jesus and The Jerks


“Orphans” is one of the greatest, weirdest maniacally propulsive no wave masterpieces ever released in the advent years of NYC punk rock. While every other pioneering punk band was rehashing rock n’ roll barre chord boogie (albeit in a gloriously messed up post-Stooges/New York Dolls manner) singer/guitarist/leader Lydia Lunch and her slave rhythm section of drum (yes: drum) and bass disposed of any sense of boogie or trad rock expertise for true yowl and rage from the ashes of social disgust and erotic fury. To this day it is a prized possession in my library of audio erotic perversity and purpose.

-Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore moved to NYC in the spring of 1977 to start a band and be a writer in the footsteps of the habituees of Gotham Book Mart and CBGB. And he did just that with the subsequent founding of Sonic Youth and the publishing of literature, from the early 80s fanzine KILLER to the poetry publications of Ecstatic Peace Library and Flowers & Cream. He currently resides in north London.

Photo with Eileen Myles and Bernard Loury, renowned bouillabaisse chef of Chez Loury, Marseille, France.

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