Song of the Week: “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses

There was a bar, in Kumagaya, Saitama, Japan, built out of two old railroad cars, where in 1990/91 I would go for a drink on a workday evening. The bar, which was fancier than the image I may have conjured might indicate, had a refurbished Wurlitzer, stocked with recent choice morsels, and as often as not when I’d had a drink or two I would play “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses, possibly more than once. This might be the end of the anecdote — “Paradise City” in a bar in a small city in Japan more than 20 years ago — except that after a time, one of the bartenders took to putting “Paradise City” (where the grass is green and the girls are pretty) on whenever I would walk in the door. And that had never happened to me before — music starting up just because I’d arrived. And it has never happened to me since.

-Laird Hunt

Laird Hunt is the author of five novels including, most recently, Kind One.

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