Song of the Week: “Pinnochio’s Example” by Harvey Milk

I had no idea this band existed until a couple months ago (thank you, Ed Steck!), so I missed the album (Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men) when it came out.  These guys are rockers with serious math chops and an experimental bent.  This first track sets up well what’s to come for the rest of the album and I love the song for its range of strategies and effects.  There are moments when it sounds like you’re on the inside of a power line that’s being snapped into smaller and smaller increments, ending, of course, in explosion.  There’s low, slow, and heavy; huge crunch smothered by a deep-space vacuum and big, spacious thuds between which the very tape the whole sonic landscape is stretched across seems to warp in the heat.  The lyrics come late, in a two-part harmony that sounds like it’s being pulled through a rusty screen.  Is that an electric sander at the end, there?  Yeah, I think it is.

-Brett Price

Brett Price lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.  He recently served as the Friday Late Night Series Coordinator at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.  Recent work has been published in Brawling Pigeon, Bright Pink Mosquito, The Brooklyn Rail, and Well Greased.




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