Song of the Week: “Pipeline” by Depeche Mode

I wrote my short story “Warmth” (you can read it at The Collagist) in response to “Pipeline.” It’s in the tradition of the work song, so I knew the characters must be laboring. “Let the beads of sweat flow / until the ends have met” inspired the image of a pipeline being constructed, starting at either coast and meeting at the palace in the middle.

The song has this really strange orchestration, a lot of which I think was made with found sounds. The whole thing is very simple and repetitive and has a kind of ancient, mythical quality to it, while at the same time, of course, it’s industrial, in more than one sense of the word. There are also these chimes that sound like the sinister undertones of Christmas carols, so I took the creepier aspects of Yuletide and ran with them.

-Matt Runkle

“Warmth” will be included in a collection of Matt Runkle’s short fiction forthcoming this fall from Brooklyn Arts Press. In addition to The Collagist, his writing has appeared in Beecher’s, Monkeybicycle, and on BOMBlog. He is also a cartoonist, printer, and book artist. The third issue of his zine, RUNX TALES, is out this month. He currently studies at the University of Iowa Center for the Book.

Photo by 
Barry Phipps

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