Song of the Week: Poor Leno by Royksopp

When Melody A.M. came out in 2001, I thought it merely a lightweight refresher. A decade later, it feels like a classic. Most memorable is “Poor Leno”, a well-balanced track of catchy lyrics combined with diverse arrangement of beat and sound. The music video is sweetly touching: a sad little… what? Panda bear? Child? Leno is his own species. He escapes his cage by drawing a mountain and walking through. He is caught again. Poor Leno.

I love the confusion over the lyrics online: “Poor Leno,” one version suggests, “Haven’t you been told? / Being nine years old / Means I’ll always find you.” Another offers, “Have you due in time? / Reunite as one / Please, I almost find you.” To me it is a song of naive fatherly love:  “Where you’ll be I’ll go / Where you’ll be I’ll find you.” I will, son.

-Yotam Hadass

Yotam Hadass co-edits LEVELER. When he isn’t writing poetry, he writes software. He also cares for his 20-month-old son, a boy of scooters and leaves. You can find him in Brooklyn, perhaps in Fort Greene park by the Prison Ship Martyrs’ monument.

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