Song of the Week: “Public Domain” by Jerry Jeff Walker

Even if you haven’t found appealing the token punch-drunk hospitality in country singers like Roger Miller and Moe Bandy, or the deplorable rewards of Eddie Noack (search “Psycho”) when the warmer weather comes around, Jerry Jeff Walker is greatly accessible. I remember driving to meet friends at The PR in Raleigh, North Carolina for an after work beer, sun still shining, windows rolled down, and this song’s shtick really working on me. It took everything down a vital notch. I became a super human charity dispenser. It contains a vibe I’d love to feel in the public restrooms of America. I know the song sounds like a credit closer to the ah-shucks movies of the 70’s, but this song, and others like “Jaded Lover” and “Pissin’ In the Wind,” make me want to be amongst the universal, unlike the popular solipsism of today’s troubadours.

-Eric Amling

Eric Amling is the author of several chapbooks including Split Level Igloo (Human Hair & Co. 2008) and Nine Live Two-Headed Animals (Greying Ghost 2010). His art and writing has been featured on albums by Dr. Dog and the Bowerbirds. Visit:

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