Song of the Week: “Pumps” by Amy Winehouse

It was the time before the world economic crisis and after 9/11. The cupcake was in its ascendance, Paris Hilton was in our good graces, and it was great to spend. If the yogurt commercials were to be believed, admitting to a Carrie Bradshaw-style shoe addiction required a balance between sheepishness and delight in your incontrovertibly female shopaholic genes. (Sheepishness looks something like pink Uggs.)

International party girl, pushing 30, big empty purse, dreaming of diamond-studded wifedom. The song is strangely funny because Amy is having a talk with her, bright arpeggios punctuate her tone of sarcastic sympathy. Maybe she’s speaking from experience (“you can’t sit down right / cuz your jeans are too tight”). The dream is not playing out as dreamt. There has been a lot of fabulousness mixed in with a lot of putting out, but the equation is not resolving into becoming someone who’s kept, or even kept around.

-Megin Jimenez

Megin Jimenez‘s poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, La Petite Zine, LIT and NOÖ Journal, among other publications. She has also written for the Best American Poetry blog and A graduate of The New School Writing Program, she works as a translator and lives in Brooklyn.



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