Song of the Week: Shine by Slowdive

1991: The MTV Video Music Awards were hosted by Arsenio Hall.  R.E.M. won video of the year for “Losing My Religion.”  LL Cool J owns the airwaves with “Momma Said Knock You Out.”  Bicycle shorts and bondage gearC+C Music Factory happened.  Sonic Youth embarked on their largest European Tour.  Nine Inch Nails whined through Lollapoolaza.  Metallica goes soft with “Enter Sandman.”

I’m one year away from graduating high school.

1991: The Cure won THE BRIT award.  1991: I still listened to thrash but it was fading. I discovered The Cure, Joy Division and The Smiths. 1993: The first time I saw Slowdive. They opened for Catherine Wheel in Philly.  1991: Slowdive released three EPs, later compiled as Blue Day.

My love affair with “shoegaze” began with Blue Day.  Later, they broke up and then became Mojave 3. I’ve seen Mojave 3 too but Slowdive is where my heart lies.

-Steven Karl

Steven Karl is the author of the chapbooks, emissions/of (H_NGM_N, 2011), (Ir)Rational Animals (Flying Guillotine Press, 2010) and State(s) of Flux (Peptic Robot Press, 2009).  He has poems forthcoming in Forklift, OH,Pax Americana, and EOAGH. He is the News Editor for Coldfront Magazine, poetry editor for Sink Review, and a co-curator of Stain of Poetry.  His music writing can be found on Green Shoelace. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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