Song of the Week: “Sovay” by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird’s music, like the weightless creature that lends him his surname, carries the air of having always existed. It is ephemeral and nebulous: both of the earth and beyond it. Like the innumerable birds in flight around the globe, his songs are more particulate mist than shiny plaything, more atmospheric anomaly than congested superhighway. And like the birds, he uses the shrill whistle to remind us that it is wind that moves through our mouths and lungs, giving us life.

If I sound more crazed fanatic than adulatory fan, it is because I feel that music, like poetry and art, should be a kind of working magic capable of affecting the beneficiary’s relationship to their environment. I am drawn to work that threatens the consensus perspective of reality, particularly that which does so indirectly. Musicians are not scientists, but they manipulate the rules of science to transcend the boundaries of the measurable, an act of sorcery.

I urge you to turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and fall under Andrew Bird’s spell. It is a spell of healing.

-Martin Rock

Martin Rock is a poet, editor, & web-designer living in Houston, where he is a PhD candidate in literature and creative writing. He is the author of Dear Mark published by Brooklyn Arts Press, & co-author with Phillip D. Ischy of Fish, You Bird (Pilot 2010). He is the editor in chief of Loaded Bicycle & a contributing editor for Epiphany. His poems appear or are forthcoming in journals such as Conduit, Black Warrior Review, Bateau, sixth finch, DIAGRAM, H_NGM_N, Forklift; Ohio, & Best New Poetry 2012. He can be found online at

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