Song of the Week: “The Purple Bottle” by Animal Collective

Energetic and primal, Animal Collective’s “The Purple Bottle” transforms an ugly overcast day into a day parading through itself in marshmallow armor. In other words, “The Purple Bottle” gets me high. It’s the presentation. The Big Big Beat, the rapidity with which the lines are delivered, mandates an active listening experience. The experience is interrupted by the more melodic second half of the song characterized by gorgeously layered vocals. Although relatively little seems shaped by the song’s lyrics, I can’t discount the bubbles of sentimentality that float through the song (“Well I’d like to spread your perfume around the old apartment”) and their perfect sense of harmony or balance with the less appetizing (“Make me sick sick sick to kiss you / And I think that I would vomit”). “The Purple Bottle” succeeds in reminding me that the objectionable, the animal in me is “the sweetest thing.”

-Melinda Wilson

Melinda Wilson is Managing Editor for Coldfront Magazine and VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. Her poems have appeared in Verse Daily, Arsenic Lobster, WOMB, and her chapbook Amplexus was published by Dancing Girl Press in 2010. She is currently in the PhD program for poetry at The Florida State University.



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