Song of the Week: “The Teacher” by Big Country

Long before Stuart Adamson was found dead, from hanging, in a closet in a Hawaiian Best Western. Long before Stuart had left Britain for Nashville. Long before he’d made light of his (Big Country’s) song “The Teacher.”

I was fifteen and already a huge Big Country fan.

At college, lost, I wandered the campus in the middle of the night, in love with pain, loneliness and the mysterious sexuality of darkness, skies and trees with Adamson’s hope, passion and bravado ringing in my ears and heart.

Long before U2’s “The Edge” delivered Adamson’s eulogy saying that Stuart wrote the sorts of songs U2 wanted to write.

And now (sigh), I’ve hanged in a thousand closets. And, still, the hope and bravado, a la Stuart Adamson, rises in me——youth’s slow, aching sex.

And I submit again, in all its implausibility, and

want everything laid out for me

All of history

All of history

All of history

All of history

-Rauan Klassnik

Rauan Klassnik was born in South Africa and then spent most of his life in Dallas, TX. After a stint in Mexico (which he pines terribly for) he now lives in Kirkland with his wife, Edith, and two dogs, Chuy and Camilla. Rauan’s two books, Holy Land and The Moon’s Jaw, were published by Black Ocean in 2008 and 2013. Rauan likes to tweet and runs an advice column on HTMLGIANT.

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