Song of the Week: “The Words That Maketh Murder” by PJ Harvey

The song tricks me.  When the men come in at “These, these, these are the words,” I’m immediately reminded of the Rivington’s “Bird’s the Word.”  I decide this is intentional.   PJ Harvey is calling to mind a summertime oldie alongside the lyric “the words that maketh murder.”  I decide that this makes us even more uncomfortable than seeing “soldiers fall like lumps of meat.”  I think I’m kind of a genius for figuring this out.  But then the cover comes in.  And it’s not “Bird’s the Word.”  It’s “Summertime Blues.”   And it’s a much better juxtaposition.  “What if I take my problems to the United Nations” has an entirely new meaning now.  I hope I was right and wrong simultaneously.  But I’m starting to suspect that my original connection wasn’t intentional on Harvey’s part and that I’m one of those people who reads too deeply into everything.  I hate people who read too deeply into everything.

-Christy Crutchfield

Christy Crutchfield writes and teaches in Western Massachusetts.  Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Mississippi Review, PANK, Salt Hill, and others.  She is Fiction Editor for Dark Sky Magazine.  You can find out about her writing and other monsters at




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