Song of the Week: “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest

I absolutely cannot listen to this song without moving my body! Mmm, those clear piano keys to start, quick drums, then a gorgeous voice. Driving, sitting at my desk, wherever I am, I must shake myself when I hear it. I’ve gotta admit that before seeing the video I thought Electric Guest had a lady singer…but I am pleased to hear a man hitting such beautiful “highs.”

At just under three mins, this song packs in an incredible amount of energy. The clapping tempo throughout adds tension and spontaneity, and whoever’s on keyboard rocks. But I’m continually struck by Asa Taccone’s super sultry high voice, and his directions for me to “sit back, don’t think, get high, take drink, don’t feel, just go.” My local Baltimore radio station, 89.7 WTMD, introduced me to this song, and now I always wait for it to come on and stir me up. Enjoy!

-Mollye Miller

Mollye Miller lives and writes in Baltimore, Maryland where she listens to WTMD, an awesome radio station. She got her MFA in poetry from The New School in 2009, and in 2012 she won the Maureen Egen Writer’s Exchange Award for Maryland for her manuscript What Was Done, selected by Marie Howe.

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