Song of the Week: “True Thrush” by Dan Deacon

Dear Jackie,

I’ve really had my hands full since you last wrote! I recently met this talking cat who happens to be an artist. She is making these prints of illustrations of animals that come from a bilingual children’s book. She is having all sorts of problems with these prints. You can tell by the way she scrunches up her little nose.

“One of these prints is of a frog,” she explains. “Underneath this SO-CALLED frog, it says, RANO,” which she takes to be the Spanish word for FROG. But she doesn’t know this word, RANO. I mean she doesn’t understand it. Where she comes from they say, SAPO.

“What the hell is a RANO!?” she says. “The other thing about this ALLEGED frog is that it isn’t a photo of a real frog, it’s a photo of a piece of wood painted and sculpted to look like, well, the word FROG!”

“But then how can it be RANO! It must be more FROG than FROG!”

This last bit gets her really worked up, and she starts to shout, “All of this FROG business! All of this FROG business! I tell you, Mister, there is something FISHY going on!”

Geez, what a stupid cat.

Anyway, here is the video for “True Thrush,” from Dan Deacon’s new album, America. I hope you like it.

Yours ever,

Alejandro Ventura

Alejandro Ventura
is an editor and publisher, with R. M. O’Brien, of WORMS Quarterly. He is also a member of the small press collaborative, Cars Are Real, and the author of Puerto Rico (Brooklyn Arts Press).  He lives in Baltimore.

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