Song of the Week: “Two-Headed Boy” by Jeff Mangum

It could be about elegant melody, the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that feeling. It could be about the supposedly short lifespan of true genius. Or the fear that we’ll never again burn as wild as we did just a minute ago.

When Jeff Mangum returns to the stage, the theater floods with some mixture of disbelief and gratitude. It’s cautious at first, as if he could, at any moment, be frightened right back into the woods.

It used to be about traveling in a flock, collectively keeping mortality at bay. Then, isolation and even silence. It was tough not to feel like something big had been lost.

Jeff says he’s happy. There may never be any new songs. No reunion with horns and strings and saws? Okay. For now, he just wants us to sing along.

It’s about coming to terms with the whole world, disasters and all. And maybe being unashamed of aiming for enlightenment.

-Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald lives in Boston and is the editor of the online journal Sixth Finch. His poems have appeared in Octopus, H_NGM_N,The Lumberyard, notnostrums and other journals. Last New Death, a chapbook, is available from Scantily Clad Press.

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