Song of the Week: “Willie” by Cat Power

Warm chords. “Have you seen him?
Have you seen him? Have you seen
him?” Brass horns. Then the voice,
her voice a yellow tobacco field
wide & dry deep summer deep South.
In Florida, in the backseat of
a taxi, she wrote the first notes
during a three-hour drive, an epic
eighteen-minute acoustic tune she
pared then amplified—it sounds
finest on vinyl—, I have listened
(no exaggeration) at least once
every day since 2006. And you can
hear the years between recordings,
what fell wayside and what held:
the triumphs letdowns, bewilderments,
cigarettes, etc.; “unbelievable”
versus “beautiful” flowers, etc.—
it balms the nerve. Vital. Sly.
Empathetic (“There are some people
living alone”), politic (“There are
some people with nowhere to go”) and
ultimately romantic (“There are some
people who don’t believe in love”).

-Zachary Pace

Zachary Pace lives in Brooklyn.

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