Song of the Week: “Winter’s Night Waltz” by Murzik

You sing a song and you tell them when it is over. You are very gentle in the beginning and then there is the dance. It is a melting; a snowstorm. It is a fucking hurricane. It is a swell that is love and then the thrashing. There is a theory of tango I cannot recall the reference to, where the strong(er) is pursuant and the gentle is always in retreat. There is a theory of waltz I have just invented where there are two who are dancing into each other through a movement of lull and step. Lull and step. There is a weeping screeching stringed instrument that just fucking breaks at the edges. This is how to love and how to dance with a nearer body. It is a surrender; a jump. It is the moment between not-death and death and then it is the failure.

-Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith is a visual artist and poet. She works as an editor and book designer for Omnidawn Publishing. She has degrees. She has fire. She lives somewhere in the middle and can be found online at

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