Song of the Week: “You Said Something”

PJ Harvey’s song “You Said Something” appeared on the album Stories From the City Stories From the Sea in 2000.  I was nineteen.  That summer, my sister and I drove out into an old airfield somewhere near Keene Valley, New York after dark and sat there with the windows down listening to this song over and over again. Our parents were divorcing, and it was a strange time.  But “You Said Something” always makes me feel like everything’s right in the world.  It’s a transcendent song, from the opening jangly guitars, to the lyrics’ suggestive ambiguity, questions, and highs and lows (from rooftop to car to rooftop).  The song itself embraces that uplifted feeling you get listening to music in the car, of thick sound in the summertime, of rooftop parties in New York City.  So I’m listening to this as summer ends elsewhere—in Athens, Georgia—and we roll our windows down.

-Lily Brown

Lily Brown‘s first book, Rust or Go Missing, is out from Cleveland State University Poetry Center. Her chapbook Being One is available from Brave Men Press, and new work is out in Transom and coming soon in Gulf Coast.  She lives in Athens, GA.

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