Summer comes to New York part 1

New York is known for its year round commitment to the arts. But as summer approaches, many leave the city for long weekends or “holidays.”  Contrasting the leisure life, the art scene, particularly that of poetry, turns it up a notch.

Throughout the boroughs you will find roof-top readings in Central Park, a summer reading series in Bryant Park, the First Annual New York Poetry Festival on Governors Island (more on this later), and a proliferation of backyard readings.

On June 25th writers entered a quaint backyard on Maujer Street located in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn.  The space is said to be enchanted with poetry, as former residences to this location have been Sommer Browning and Amy King.

Stain of Poetry curators Christie Ann Reynolds and Erika Moya read first and second.  They were followed by Tarpaulin Sky Press’s Andrew Zornoza.  After a short break, the reading continued with Bruce Covey (who was visiting from Atlanta) Dan Magers (promoting his forthcoming Birds, LLC book) and Kim Gek Lin Short (from Philly) who read from her chapbook, Run, and forthcoming Tarpaulin Sky Press book, China Cowboy. Below are video links to Covey, Magers and Gek Lin Short.

Bruce Covey

Title Unknown


Dan Magers

“Ibiza Dawn Chill Mix 9″

“Total Summer Vibe”


Kim Gek Lin Short

“The La-las”

photos of the event can be found here.

* Part 2 will focus on Poetry Festivals

Photo and videos by Hitomi Yoshio


-steven karl