“The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac (original demo)


The weather might been hesitating—glowing hot one day, back to wind chills the next. It might be storming. It might be sweltering and humid, old fans tilted in open windows, clattering at full blast. You might be missing someone. There might be a dog barking next door, a little girl screaming. You might be dreaming about canyons and smoke. A song might come on that makes you think of every word you’ve ever spoken all at once. I don’t know what else to say. There’s a moon in your gut and you’re bleeding. The wolves are coming soon. Baby, please.

-Jessica Poli

10374093_10202278769558445_349397507464340568_nJessica Poli is the author of the chapbooks Alexia (Sixth Finch), Glassland (JMWW), and The Egg Mistress (Gold Line Press). She lives in Syracuse, NY, and is an Editor at Birdfeast and Midnight City Books.

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