“There, There” by Radiohead


when it’s gray and rainy out I call it radiohead weather
“there, there” wasn’t the first song of theirs I liked but it was the first video, thom yorke
characteristically elfin stumbling through a forest becoming a tree

I showed my mom once, when I was younger and more sure-footed
she said it was “interesting”

this song holds among the most memorable lines in the radiohead canon, and a pretty
solid sketch of my emotional life: just cuz you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there

I read it now as a grim fairy tale about trying to fit in, peering in at other families, a pest
of a man
the suit and the boots a trap

you don’t just look for yourself in the woods you become them

there’s an article on facebook about a man in bangladesh whose hands and feet turn to

we are accidents waiting to happen

-Marina Blitshteyn

12499226_10153522358608214_345477348_oMarina Blitshteyn is the author of four published or forthcoming chapbooks: Russian for Lovers (Argos Books); Nothing Personal (Bone Bouquet Books); $kill$ (dancing girl press); Sheet Music (Sunnyoutside Press). She works as an adjunct instructor of composition and literature.

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