This Morning Guest Editor 9/1 – 9/5: Joseph Fasano


My final selection for this week is Joe Bolton’s “Page,” written very shortly before the poet’s early death. Maybe Bolton’s name itself compelled him to become aware of a particularly lonesome music, but I don’t know many contemporary poets who can orchestrate the vowel “o” with more power. His “Adult Situations” ends with this sober lament:

In our houses,
In our closets–
Clothes we put on
In the hope of
Taking them off.

I’m not sure how Bolton wrote so many astonishing poems in his brief life, but his selected poems, The Last Nostalgia, is full of triumphs. In his “Photograph: Being Sad,” a young woman adjusts her Nikon for a self-portrait and lies down, “Drawn so tightly into her own arms / As after making love which is not love.”

And of course there’s the final line of today’s poem, one of Bolton’s last. His teacher Donald Justice would have been proud.

It’s been a pleasure guest editing This Morning this week, and I want to thank John Deming, Erin Lynn, and all the editors for inviting me to be a part of Coldfront’s amazing work.