“Tolerated” by Girl Talk & Freeway

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Excerpt from Video for Tolerated Feat. Waka Flocka Flame

“And all her garb was dappled thick with blood.
Like living men they traversed and they strove,
And dragg’d by turns the bodies of the slain.”

—The Iliad, Book XVIII 

Outside of a Romero’s Rotisserie Chicken-N-Donuts
there was Girl Talk—in gray hoodie—& Freeway in T-shirt
w/ brilliant-cut diamond and also the word brilliant
and on his cap black on black also the word diamond
and around his neck a gold interstate shield pendant
that swung heavy as the two walked the L.A. sidewalk taboo
and beset by haters—
& like how you might picture a big rock through space serenely
zooming toward fuckt up collisions
that were written into the Big Bang—so these anonymous bodies
carom’d off Gregg & Freeway—and hated them

And one hater was beaten w/ his own guitar in front of
a white-brickt wall advertising LIQUOR COLD BEER

There also was a wedding scene—& Freeway
wreckt the cake on the bride’s face—& Gregg
took a chair to the champagne—
Wedding white turn’d ashy and the groom’s black coat to graveclothes
cuz the guy went for Girl Talk and was kickt—
quickly was his leg loosen’d from his knee & toss’d
There was blood—a kid threw up

-R.M. O’Brien

look-left-web (700x467)R.M. O’Brien is the author of the chapbooks Ant Killer & Other Poems, Birds Blur Together (w/ Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez), We, and most recently Boss Poems. He organizes the reading series WORMS in Baltimore, Md., and writes at http://rmobrien.info.

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