Tourist Trap 5: Sommer Browning

Tourist Trap, NYC is a web video series that follows touring poets to some of New York’s top tourist destinations, as well as lesser known bars, reading venues and unheralded back streets. Each episode features one or two poets as they explore the city and discuss their work, how urban landscapes influence their writing, the history or importance of landmark they’ve chosen to visit, as well as anything they might deem relevant along the way. Each episode culminates with a short reading at their destination of choice. Author photo by Shelton Walsmith.

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Sommer Browning writes poems, draws comics and tells jokes. She is the author of Either Way I’m Celebrating (Birds, LLC, 2011), a collection of poems and comics, and three chapbooks, most recently THE BOWLING (Greying Ghost, 2010) with Brandon Shimoda. Her poems and drawings have appeared in The New York QuarterlyTypoOctopuspast simpleFree VerseThe Stranger and other places. With Julia Cohen she curates The Bad Shadow Affair, a reading series in Denver.

Tourist Trap, NYC is produced by Eye For An Iris Press and Coldfront. Email for more information.

Next Episode: Matt Henriksen & Brandon Shimoda. Stay tuned!

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