Tourist Trap 1: Julie Doxsee

Tourist Trap, NYC is a web video series that follows touring poets to some of New York’s top tourist destinations, as well as lesser known bars, reading venues and unheralded back streets. Each episode will feature one or two poets as they explore the city, discuss their work, how urban landscapes influence their writing, the history or importance of landmark they’ve chosen to visit, as well as any art/literature related conversations they might deem relevant along the way. Each episode will culminate with a short, 1-2 poem reading at their destination of choice.

tourist trap

Julie Doxsee holds a PhD from the University of Denver and is the author of Objects for a Fog Death (Black Ocean 2010) and Undersleep (Octopus Books 2008). She teaches creative writing, literature, and academic writing at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, where she lives on the European side of the Bosphorus.

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Tourist Trap, NYC is produced by Eye For An Iris Press and Coldfront.