NYC: Translating Shakespeare

Last night, New York poets celebrated the launch of Telephone Books and its inaugural release, The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare. Telephone Books, an imprint of Nightboat Books, was founded by the founding editors of the translation journal Telephone. In its tradition of offering no-rules translations, the magazine’s first published book features English-to-English interpretations of some guy named Shakespeare.

Edited by Sharmila Cohen and Lauren Hunter and Paul Legault, it includes work by Rae Armantrout, Mary Jo Bang, Jen Bervin, Mark Bibbins, Paul Celan, Timothy Donnelly, Tan Lin, Cate Marvin, Harryette Mullen, Ron Padgett, Donald Revell, Jerome Rothenberg, Jeremy Schmall, Juliana Spahr, Mathias Svalina and many others.

Co-Editor Legault also recently released a book of English-to-English Emily Dickinson translations, The Emily Dickinson Reader.

For a full list of contributors, click here.


Paul Legault


Lauren Hunter