Two poems by L.S. Asekoff

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Caste & Put

who works of
wets her

he sought at
sums to

dapple its
dew as

very when

the night
you sput

it but you
seize it

as its bill
is due

oft hat it
tips or

re ember
ring falls

the emer

down to

my gray in

raven’s nest
& so


after sharpening
                    & lifting up
                    he played thru

the interval
                     it takes to
                     the circuitous

recalling how
                     in turn is
                     revealed as

a stone’s
                     atonement for
                     a tree

looking back
                     there would be
                     no space between

like finally
                    kyoto spring


L. S. Asekoff, former director of the Brooklyn College M.F.A. Program, has published four books of poetry: Dreams of a Work, North Star, The Gate of Horn and Freedom Hill.