‘Typewriter Poems’ by Theo Green

theo cover

in 1983 i was living in oakland and had begun inkblot
publications the year before. a year or 2 prior to
that richard aaron sold me a copy of the ‘anthology of
concrete poetry’ . burroughs was of course an influence
as well (see 23.viii.83) these black & red ‘typewriter poems’ from 1983
were probably composed on a smith corona at my pad, but
some of these were done in my spare time while working at
wells fargo bank. i counted money quick in those days.
that summer of ’83 bob cobbing came to town and crashed
on my floor. his visual work was also on my mind. it was el nino
summer and there were no foggy days.
these other typewriter works are from 1985. i had acquired
a remington electronic machine. coloured ribbons were
available. tho the foto copi of ‘cabaret & cumin’ got warped
out on the copy machine at krishna in berkeley. probably
my favourite of all these……

theo green
july 2014


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