VIDA Fundraises to Support Its Annual Counters


VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts is running an Indiegogo campaign through April 12, 2015 in order to raise funds to pay its annual counters.

The organization, which seeks to explore and promote gender equality in publishing, releases a yearly feature in which it reveals the often significant disparity between rates of publication for men versus women. According to the fundraising site, VIDA’s members “had this intuitive sense that the literary culture was unbalanced, that women were being systematically excluded.” It was this intuition that gave birth to the annual count.

While the numbers have shown some improvement, the work itself is as time-consuming and intensive as ever. The fundraising page also notes that, in order to complete the count, thousands of hours must be dedicated to the project. A total of thirty VIDA volunteers participate in the count, and VIDA “believe[s] that people should be paid for their work.” Hence the fundraising campaign.

Visit their Indiegogo page to contribute.