VisPo Supplement 1

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Welcome to the Vispo Supplement, a venue of visual poetry, or vispo (an umbrella term to mean intentional marking, text manipulation, visualized language, new alphabet, letter composition, etc.), seeking to present examples of the burgeoning wave of imagetext poetics. It attempts to readdress the conflicts and concerns of the past while showcasing the future of poetic forms. The supplement is international in scope and designed to give new vispoets a platform to exhibit work alongside more seasoned poets.

This first supplement will be rolled out one poet per week over the next seven weeks. Thanks for visiting!

Nico Vassilakis, Editor


vispo cover 6Part 7: Poems by Sven Staelens

Sven Staelens is a belgian visual poet, writer & math teacher. In 2009, he began to explore the boundaries of language & literature, resulting in ongoing experiments in visual poetry, poesia visiva, asemic writing, poemics, abstract comics, collage art & flarf. His visual work was published in various magazines and on several blogs/sites.


vispo fullPart 6: from FOTOPOEMS.VENEZIA by Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Demosthenes Agrafiotis (1946), poet and intermedia artist, is active in the fields of poetry/painting/photography/intermedia/installations and their interactions, with books of poetry and essays, and exhibitions both in Greece and abroad. He has a special interest for the relations between art and new technologies, for multimedia or intermedia projects and also for performances. His bookMaribor (The Post-Apollo Press), awarded the 2011 Northern California Book Award for Poetry in Translation, and Chinese Notebook (Ugly Duckling Presse) — both books are translated by Angelos and John Sakkis. His recent books: +-graphies (Veer Books,London), Betises (Editions Fidel Anthelme X,Marseille, in french), ArtxArt (Redfoxpress, Ireland). He has participated in different types of artistic activities: publications, artists books, production of videos, small press initiatives (anthology-formatted magazine ‘Clinamen’) and alternative – action art projects. He is based in Athens, Greece.


ava cadoPart 5: bill bissett poems

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surprising writingPart 4: ‘Suprising Writing’ by Judith Copithorne

Judith Copithorne has been living and writing in Vancouver for decades. She has made many notable contributions to concrete poetry and other experimental writing from the 60s into this 21century. Judith is constantly changing the mediums she works in as they become available, but at the core there is always her distinctive touch.


Selfie-I-2Part 3: Collaborative Poems by Hâle Anbar & Gökhan Turhan

Hâle & Gökhan live in Turkey. They are creating works in ways the language may overcome the obstacles the alphabet puts forward. For the time being, they’re working as English instructors. However, they would like to meet you where words transcend fixed conversations. You can follow them on their weblog:


artis 4Part 2: Jassem Mohammad Artis

Iraq 1970. Ha practicado dibujo desde 1985. Sr. Abas Baghdadi le enseñó la fuente árabe. Un miembro del sindicato de artistas iraquíes. Un miembro del Centro Cultural iraquí. Un miembro del sindicato iraquí de calígrafos. Participantes: Exposiciones colectivas en Irak. Más de 13 exposiciones en Damasco 2006 – 2010. Primera exposición en la galería de manos libres – Damasco 2010 en solitario. Segunda exposición individual en el Hotel Intercontinental – KSA 2010. Participó en recompensa Al Burdah Participado en Gharnatah festival internacional de Artes Participó en Gharnatah festival de internacional de las artes 2012 Participó en recompensa Al Burdah 2012 Participó en sharjah meeting 2012 Certificación & premios: Su pintura tiene el precio más alto en Afak exposición y tiene una carta de evaluación de Naciones Unidas. Una certificación de evaluación confluencia de Sharjah. Medalla de oro & escudo participante en el cuarto festival de pioneros – Bagdad. Colecciones: Siria national Museum – Embajada de la India embajada canadiense – Embajada de Suecia – – USA y muchos otros países árabes & Europa.


RuizPart 1: Amarilys Quintero Ruiz

Amarilys Quintero Ruiz, a Cuban citizen, lives in Venezuela. He is a sound and visual artist and graphic designer. His creative work is focused on research in the field of language, the word, and the letter both in the written language as well as the spoken. Amarilys’s work is represented in various disciplines such as Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry, Video-Poems and Performances.