VisPo Supplement 2

vispo 2

Welcome to the Vispo Supplement, a venue of visual poetry, or vispo (an umbrella term to mean intentional marking, text manipulation, visualized language, new alphabet, letter composition, etc.), seeking to present examples of the burgeoning wave of imagetext poetics. It attempts to readdress the conflicts and concerns of the past while showcasing the future of poetic forms. The supplement is international in scope and designed to give new vispoets a platform to exhibit work alongside more seasoned poets.

This is our second installment, and it will be rolled out one poet per week over the next seven weeks. Thanks for visiting!

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Nico Vassilakis, Editor
vispo cover 3 7Five Works by Lin Tarczynski

Lin Tarczynski works predominantly in black and white, her passion for asemic writing saturates her images. Her work has appeared in the graphic novel A Kick in the Eye, and in An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting. Her novel,Esgr Navigator, and her webcomic, Geranium Lake Properties, can be found online -
vispo cover construcciSix Works by Ariel Gonzalez Losada

Ariel Gonzalez Losada, composer, visual artist. Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, city where he studied music and where he currently resides. His musical and visual interests are marked by the behaviors, processes and structures on the natural phenomena, as well as by the underlying gestures to the written word, vestiges of a nonexistent alphabet.
fatima-2 (1)Six Poems by Fátima Queiroz

Fátima Queiroz was born in Rio de Janeiro, lives in Santos and is a teacher (Letters). She is self-taught in painting, sculpture, digital art and fractals. She has published papers in several sites in Brazil and abroad. For more of her work, visit her blog, X/Y/Z/.

cuadernofrom CUADERNO DE COMPOSICION by Martín Gubbins

Martín Gubbins (born Santiago, 1971) is a poet, visual and sound artist and publisher. “This Chilean poet practices poetry as a textual exploration, from lettrism and graphical symbols to music and percussion.”


vispo 2 3 cover

Six Poems by Rosaire Appel

Rosaire Appel (NYC) is an ex-writer, digital artist exploring the betweens of reading/looking/listening. She makes books (commercially printed, hand-made and recycled) and limited edition prints – with forays into actual ink and paper. Using a combination of abstract comics and asemic writing, she develops sequences which remain open to interpretation keeping the relationship between the viewer and the work active rather than passive.

Her website is:

vispo 2-2 coverThree Poems by Jörg Piringer

born 1974. currently living in vienna, austria. member of the institute for transacoustic research. member of the vegetable orchestra. master degree in computer science. works as a freelance artist and researcher in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound and visual electronic poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, live performance, sound installation, computer games and video art.
vispo 2 1 coverSeven Works by Miriam Midley

Miriam Midley is not only a painter and textile artist but also a visual poet who graduated from Prilidiano Pueyrredón Fine Arts School. Her focus is upon a textil metaphor that involves both language and calligraphy without any semantic meaning – asemic writing – . Her artwork has been selected to be displayed at several arts centers and exhibitions and has been awarded prizes and honours.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires
Her blog is at: